Battery everActive CamPro-replacement for GoPro Hero 4/4 +/AHDBT-401

EAN: 5903205770219
Producer code: EVB022
EveractiveRechargeable battery, a replacement Dedicated for GoPRO equipment.
Compatibility List in the description.
PREMIUM Battery -Real 1160mah capacity.
in stock
price 3,73 €
Brand: everActive

EverActive offers the most popular models of dedicated rechargeable batteries used in digital cameras, DSLRs and camcorders. Our rechargeable batteries are a great alternative to expensive original (factory) cells. Rechargeable batteries are made with lithium-ion technology, without memory effect. Rechargeable batteries are pre-charged, with minimal self-discharge effect.

We offer original battery of the brand Everactive Li-Ion 1160mAh, for GoPro Hero 4 Photo/video equipment.
Our rechargeable battery replaces AHDBT-401 Batteries

Works with the following models (the list may be incomplete-if in doubt please contact us):
Series Model
Hero Hero 4, Hero 4 Black Edition, HERO 4 Silver Edition
... and other compatible
In 100% new, packaged in blister, battery compatible with AHDBT-401.

everActive is the first recognizable brand of high-quality batteries dedicated to digital cameras and camcorders on the Polish market. Everactive Dedicated batteries offer excellent technical specifications, performance and capacity that is compatible or higher than the original link provided by manufacturers.

Why you should choose everActive battery packs:

• Batteries are covered by a 2-year warranty period, which is rare among batteries and batteries available on the market.
• Each battery pack is packaged in a plastic unit-pendant/blister pack. The robust packaging protects the battery perfectly during transport.
• EverActive batteries offer real high capacities and excellent service life. The capacity of the batteries is given and verified according to the applicable regulations and standards in the European Union.
• Maximum safety of use-each battery is additionally protected by an electronic security system. The electronic chip protects the cell from short circuit, overload, overcharge, and excessive discharge of the battery-all for maximum safety of use.
• EverActive rechargeable batteries provide excellent compatibility and compatibility with original pre-loaded battery packs with new hardware.
• The price of the original everActive battery is a multiframe lower than the price of a comparable factory battery.


-Manufacturer code: EVB022
-Nominal cell voltage-3.8 V
-Total lack of memory effect
- Latest performance technique, cells with the highest density of the accumulated load
-Lithium ion cells, highest quality
-Up to 1000 charge/discharge cycles
-High Capacity-1160mAh
-Battery pack in blister
-Battery Dimensions-37 mm x 29 mm x 9 mm
- Manufacturer's warranty-24 months
-The product is CE marked

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