2x Philips H4 WhiteVision + 2x W5W

EAN: 8711500788863
Xenon effect-Ultra bright white 3700K
Extended service life-up to 450 hours
Includes 2x W5W
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price 9,99 €
Brand: Philips
Philips WhiteVision Bulbs enrich the main lighting with the intense white xenon light effect, making it much easier to keep your vehicle running at night. With a brighter, 40% White light, WhiteVision is the perfect combination of style and safety.

100% legal use on the roads, 100% intense white light

WhiteVision bulbs have been certified by ECE and are the first incandescent bulbs in the market that generate intense white light, which has been approved for lawful use on the roads. They provide not only the best visibility, but also safety, because they do not dazzle drivers coming from the opposite.
About 60% more light on the road — maximum brightness

A longer, 60% brighter light stream enhances the visibility of other road users. This improves safety by reducing response time to potential road hazards.
The longest service life in its class means longer driving pleasure

Philips WhiteVision Bulbs (available in H1, H3, H4, H7, T4W and W5W) are designed for durability. They guarantee a long and reliable service life of up to 450 hours * — much longer than competing products. A less frequent replacement of light bulbs is more economical. (* H4 and H7 tested with standard voltage 13.2 V)
Clear, luminous flux of 40% light (3700 kelvin)

With a white light of 40%, Philips WhiteVision bulbs with a color temperature of 3700 Kelvin illuminate the road with a bright stream that immediately dissired the darkness. Excellent illumination for an excellent driving experience
Excellent driving experience thanks to the intense effect of white xenon light

Philips WhiteVision bulbs outweigh the quality of all blue car bulbs available on the market – the right choice for drivers who appreciate a stylish but safe ride. With the color temperature of xenon lamps and stylish white crown, WhiteVision bulbs provide a significant improvement in the main lighting. The patented third-generation coating technology from Philips is a revolutionary solution that gives the WhiteVision bulb the status of the first white light-emitting car bulb.
Higher contrast for better visibility and safer driving

A maximum white light with a color temperature of 3700 Kelvin provides better visibility of the road marking. The whiter light affects the driver's increased alertness at night, providing a more comfortable ride.
White xenon effect for dazzled headlights

Regardless of the type of reflector or reflector, the WhiteVision light bulb gives the vehicle a distinctive look for luxury cars.
Philips supplies all major car manufacturers

Philips is a renowned manufacturer of the most technologically advanced automotive lighting solutions. Every second car in Europe is equipped with Philips lighting — it's the best choice for automotive manufacturers.

Also includes 2x W5W

Philips bulbs have full homologations for use on our roads!!

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