2x Philips h4 Racing Vision + 150%

EAN: 8719018000200
ECE Approved
Manufactured in Poland
in stock
price 11,33 €
Brand: Philips
Philips Strong light Bulb
Racing Vision + 150%
2x Bulb H4 12V 60/55W
Made in Poland

Technical data:
Technology: Halogen
Type: H4
Series: RacingVision
Application: Traffic lights, short lights
Base: P43t-38
ECE Approval: YES
Voltage: 12 V
Power: 55 W
Durability: Max 200 hours

Product Features:

See further and react faster with up to 150% more clarity
At night, you need the best possible visibility. The farther you look, the quicker you can react to any incidents on the road. Philips RacingVision car bulbs increase visibility with up to 150% more brightness. You will notice obstacles on the road faster than when using other halogen bulbs. Your journey will therefore be safer and more enjoyable.

One of the brightest light sources for superior performance
With better, brighter lights, you can make better choices on the road. Optimised, precision filament design, high pressure gas filling up to 13 bar, precision chromed coating and high quality UV-resistant quartz glass – Philips RacingVision bulbs are a true Revolution in the field of automotive lighting. They are designed for better performance and visibility, which means more control over the vehicle and a more enjoyable journey.

Lighter light for sports car drivers
Sports car drivers expect more from their vehicles. With a brightness of up to 150% and an appropriate approval, the Philips RacingVision bulb provides a pleasant ride on and off the road.

More contrast for a safer and more exciting ride
When driving at night, the eye is exposed to a hard test. In bad conditions or when other vehicles dazzle us, the contrast between different objects decreases considerably. This makes it difficult to notice obstacles such as walking on the road. The special colour temperature of the Philips RacingVision bulbs (available in the H4 and H7 versions) allows for better vision and contrast. As a result, you move on the road in a safer way. Reducing the limits makes driving in the dark turns into a more exciting experience.

Complies with the high quality standards of ECE type approval
Philips manufactures best-in-class products on the market for original equipment manufacturers as well as on the aftermarket. Our products are manufactured from high quality materials and tested according to the strictest specifications to maximise the safety and comfort of our customers. All products in our offer are carefully tested, controlled and certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000) according to the highest requirements of ECE standards. In short, this is the quality you can trust.

Strong, compliant car bulbs for winter months
Driving in winter is a challenge, but avid drivers like challenges. During the grimy winter months, you need to be sure that your lights will handle you. You are sure to wear suitable tyres for the winter, so you can expect to adapt to more difficult winter conditions. Philips RacingVision car bulbs provide better control in the most demanding conditions, so you can enjoy your journey more and worry about safety at all times.

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