Universal rechargeable container R6/AA R03/AAA white

very durable, flexible, non-brittle
for both R03 AAA and R6 AA cells
convenient opening/closing
container-to-packing feature

price 0,15 €
Brand: Pozostali
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White-transparent, robust container for 1-4 cells R6/AA or R03/AAA - universal.

Dedicated box, battery case/disposable batteries is ideal for safe storage, carrying and transport of cells. It perfectly protects many times more expensive content from mechanical damage, prevents accidental short circuits, etc.

Key features:

- transparent, strong, yet flexible - unbroleable. Our container is made of excellent quality polymer which guarantees very good durability and long service life,
- the function of grouping containers into packages - the container has integrated unique special handles that allow the containers to be stacked together into sets ("stacking" containers),
- dedicated, individual extrusors / chambers for cells R6 AA and R03 AAA - ensure stable and tight folding regardless of the size of stored batteries/ accumulators,
- storage of 1 to 4 pcs. R6/AA or R03/AAA cells (common sticks) - even single or odd cell combinations are adequately protected and protected,
- solid, full casting, no unnecessary notches, holes, etc. - a closed container surrounds the cell on each side, providing maximum protection,
- innovative closure - allows convenient, very fast, trouble-free opening and closing of the container - even with one hand.


capacity: 1 - 4 pcs. R03 AAA or R6 AA cells,
dimensions of the folded box (width x debt x high): 68mm x 63mm x 19mm,
dimensions of unfolded box (width x debt x high): 68mm x 125mm x 9mm,
color: white-transparent,
weight: 8g.
Note: The batteries shown in the pictures are provided for illustrative purposes only.

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