Rechargeable everActive 6F22/9V Ni-MH 250 mAh ready to use

EAN: 5902020523413
Producer code: EVHRL22-250
  • Sensational battery at a low price
  • 1pc-factory consumer packaging-Blister
  • tested performance -Real capacity
  • Pre-charged, next-generation rechargeable battery made with Ready To Use technology
  • Highest quality of rechargeable batteries confirmed by numerous tests
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    Brand: everActive
    The innovative 6F22 9V 250 mAh everActive Rechargeable battery is made with "ready to use" technology.

    Silver Line Series -the highest quality known from the Professional series, high capacity, surprisingly low price.

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    EverActive batteries are periodically subjected to tests and quality tests, including by independent laboratories. The highest quality of the batteries is confirmed by prestigious industry awards, In the specialist journal Pcworld and foto Plus (formerly Digital foto Video).
    The AA/AAA series of Professional Line batteries were checked for capacity by an independent accredited Intertek laboratory in Sweden.
    everActive awards
    The actual capacity Of everActive batteries is consistent with the battery/blister declarations in accordance with the INTERNATIONAL standard IEC 61951-2 (7.3.2).
    These are some of the most small, professional new generation rechargeable batteries, and importantly they exhibit B. Good durability and repeatability of parameters.
    They are characterized by one of the widest range of temp. Work:-20.. 50 St. C.
    We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the product technical card -click to view.

    Batteries reach a limit of 250 mAh capacity-they are matched with the most small, branded, often up to 50% more expensive accumulators-in our assessment are some of The Best 9v batteries on the market with excellent value for money .

    Suitable for professionaluse, you will find the application microphones, studio equipment, walkie-talkies, flashcards, toys, measuring devices, etc., and due to the use of "ready to use" technology can Direct replacement for alkaline batteries , etc.

    EverActive batteries are the highest quality at a favorable price-we recommend!

    Ideal for demanding toys, portable multimedia devices, microphones, electric guitars. EverActive battery capacity is similar to alkaline batteries, but can be charged repeatedly (up to 1200x). In addition, batteries are much better at unloading a large current.
    Also great for Less common uses – for paintball rifle grips, ASG where alkaline batteries are too inefficient.

    By purchasing everActive rechargeable batteries you contribute to the protection of the environment and reduce the amount of potential waste.
    One battery can replace several hundred traditional batteries.
    EverActive batteries deliver high performance even under extreme conditions.
    Wide permissible temp. Work:-20..
    0 St. C. The new technology is also enhanced battery life-allows for even more charge/discharge cycles while maintaining high performance parameters.

    • Type: 6F22 9V, Ni-MH,
    • Dimensions: 26.4 x 48.5 mm,
    • gross weight of the set: 43g,
    • Battery Weight: 35g,
    • Voltage: 8.4 V,
    • Manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards-a serious manufacturer-quality guarantee,
    • Excellent flat discharge characteristics,
    • B. High capacity- Max 250mah, Minimum 200mah-according TO IEC 61951-2 (7.3.2),
    • Possible discharge B. High Current > 250mA,
    • Packaging- Blister 1pcs.

    Due to its attractive price and high capacity, it is especially recommended for industrial applications. It is recommended as a reliable source of power in all tendering and procurement procedures.

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